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Roycroft Daylily Nursery

NURSERY VISITORS-- IMPORTANT NOTE:-- Our nursery has primarily become a mail order nursery. Because of my age and back condition we no longer keep regular Monday through Saturday hours as we used to. I.e., I'm now semi-retired. However we still produce and provide many outstanding container-grown daylilies at nursery.

Container-grown daylilies are well established in pots and, unlike bare root plants, can be planted anytime that the ground isn't frozen in several climate zones.

Accordingly, if you would like to purchase container-grown daylilies please call 843-527-1533 for an appointment and I will schedule to meet you at nursery to serve you. We have removed signs leading to nursery so you would need to use your GPS, or, call us for directions if you do not know the location of nursery. Our address is 942 Whitehall Avenue, Georgetown, SC 29440.

MAIL ORDERS-- We stopped shipping 2015 mail-orders at the end of October as we do each year. We plan to resume shipments in 2016 the last week in March or the first week in April depending on the weather. You are encouraged to place your daylily order now before we possibly sell out of any cultivars that you desire.

Free gift plants! Get a free 20% or more gift in daylilies of our choice if your plant order totals or exceeds $50.00 (not counting shipping charges).

If your plant order totals or exceeds $100.00 (not counting shipping charges) you will receive one or more of our recent introductions of our choice as gift plants. The gift value will exceed 20% of your plant order.

Our web site, with discounts, offers many cultivars at $6.00 or less. Also, our 2016 Web site's Winter Sale is happening now, with over 500 selected cultivars offered at discounts up to 50% and we invite you to check it out.

Easiest method of ordering over web site's shopping cart: Our web site's shopping cart shows thumbnail photos of every daylily that one puts in it. Put everything that you like in the cart, review details by clicking on name or photo shown in cart, remove cultivars from cart until you arrive at the # you wish to purchase, and then place your order online. If you do not wish to order at one sitting just log out and then log back in whenever you are ready to resume. Everything that you left in your cart when you logged out will still be there.

This week's featured cultivar:

Fabulous; it has been called a blooming machine! A beautiful bicolor unlike any other! It has a unique rose flower with a light pink to near white edge, light cream pink sepals, yellow throat, and a green heart. An excellent parent which produces many seedlings with near-white to white edges! Reblooms into the late season for us. Fragrant. **See the High-Res image for an amazing clump shot!**

Special Price Available!
Order 1 or more double fans and receive a 20% discount. More information...

Hemerocallis (daylilies). NOTE: You may order our 2007-08 400+ picture color catalog over this web site's secured shopping cart or by mail for $5.00 US. Or, you may download a free copy of it from this web site. We are offering this out-of-date catalog since it seems to have become a collector's item. We have no plans to print another catalog. The approximately $40,000 saved annually in printing and postage is returned to customers through our web site's seasonal sales!

Gift Certificates! Roycroft Daylily Nursery Gift Certificates make wonderful gifts for special occasions such as birthdays and are available online for any amount you desire! The recipient will repeatedly remember you every time their daylilies bloom! A customer brought it to my attention that the daylily is the 20th wedding anniversary flower and a gift certificate, or a shipment of daylilies, would be perfect for this occasion!

Thank you for considering our 2016 DAYLILY ONLINE WEB SITE for your daylily needs. It is comprised of major awards and honors winners plus other cultivars which we and our customers like. We only list cultivars that re-bloom for us here in lower zone 8.

We encourage you to subscribe to our web site's Nursery Newsletter which we use to notify you of seasonal sales and any other important information. You may unsubscribe at anytime you wish.

Our Customer Testimonials.

NURSERY AND/OR LAND FOR SALE-- I have been informally offering our nursery for sale for the last three years and have now decided to offer it on our web site. (I.e., it has not been listed.) Reason: at 76 years of age I would like to find the right party to carry it on and retire within the next few years. Be assured that the quality of daylilies on orders you have already booked with us will be comparable to daylilies that we have shipped to you over the past 27 years whether or not we sell our nursery. If we do sell we will either retain the daylilies which you have ordered prior to a sale and ship them ourselves, or, view and approve those orders which would be shipped by the purchaser.

NURSERY AND/OR LAND INFORMATION-- Daylily Nursery + 33.74 acres in Georgetown County, SC, located east of US Hwy 17 one mile from Winyah Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. This is a walk-in and mail order nursery with daylilies grown in pots and in beds. We have shipped to 38 countries and all states in the USA but now we only ship within the USA.

A party may purchase just the nursery and relocate it, just the land, or both. We specialize in growing approximately 600 outstanding daylily cultivars (out of the 70,000+ which are registered). Our Roycroft Daylily Nursery web site is included in the sale offering and is considered to be one of the best daylily web sites.

Feel free to call me, Bob Roycroft, at 843-527-1533 if interested.