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Hemingway Nursery featuring Roycroft Daylilies

Address: 3954 Hemingway Highway, Hemingway, SC 29554
Phone: 843-933-5675
Email: [email protected]

Hello Everyone,

Hope your Summer has been a lot fun. We've enjoyed the season, and meeting so many new daylily friends, but unfortunately, all things come to an end. That said, we're excited about next season, and have already begun to prepare our gardens for 2022.

As you begin to think about your daylily garden next Spring, a few things you may want to keep in mind, if you're not already aware as you prepare your garden for next Spring.

  • Remove old and dead foliage from around your plants. If you leave dead foliage around the base of your plants it invites disease, excess moisture, and root rot.

  • Cut your flowers down to about 3 to 4 inches. We find that by doing this, you remove a lot of foliage that is unnecessary, Also, helps to remove leaves that may have fungus (leaf streak, rust, or others) or leaf miners in them. Take the cut foliage and do not put it in your compost pile. Either burn it, far away from your flowers, or bag it and dispose of it properly.

  • If your flowers have multiplied, as ours have, you're likely to have many that have clumped up, with multiple scapes. To get the best performance from your flowers next season, pull the clump out of the ground. Divide the clump in groups of 4 scapes each. Separate the new clumps in your garden about 18 to 24 inches apart. Be sure to build a slight mound, spread the roots over the mound, and cover the base of plant just up to the know where the foliage begins to grow. Wait until a few weeks to confirm the flowers are established before fertilizing.

  • Fertilizing: Depending on your growing zone, you'll want to fertilize in late Sept or into October to prep the flowers for the winter. A rule of thumb is to fertilize about 3 weeks or so before the first frost. By fertilizing in the Fall, you provide nutrients around the plants that allow them to get a jump on their growth once the ground is warm again.

  • New flowers: If you plan to add new cultivars to your garden, Fall is the best time to do so. By planting new varieties in the Fall, a month or so before the first frost, you allow the plants to get established, begin to grow, and will give them a jumpstart on Spring growth. If you wait until April/May to plant new flowers, they must first get established (usually a few weeks after planting), then begin to grow, and decreases the likelihood you'll see flowers from them their first growing season.

** By taking a little time in the Fall to prepare your daylily garden for the Spring, you increase the likelihood of having a beautiful garden that is the envy of your neighborhood.

*** Also, if you have specific questions about how to prepare your garden into the Fall for next Spring, please call or email us. You'll find that we're very responsive and welcome an opportunity to help.

We now have many new cultivars available, many of them blooming. Four worth a look are Abilene Lilian, Forestlake Ragamuffin, Handwriting On The Wall, and Fancy Illusion.

If you're coming out to see us, make a day of it and visit us and Scott's Barbeque for lunch during the same trip. Scott's is world renowned for their award winning barbeque. Often when we drive by their establishment, people are lined up out the door.

Our hours every week run 9 am to 4 pm, Thursdays through Saturdays, effective July 19th and through the end of the season. We'll return to our standard hours beginning next April. If you'd like to visit with us other times, please call ahead, and we'll work something out.

For 2021 we've added over 45 new varieties.

Check out our CLEARANCE page, as you'll find many beautiful cultivars at exceptional prices. After completing a thorough inventory review, we've decided to discontinue some cultivars, as we have many on the clearance list that are similar to many we've added or already have in stock. That's good news to our patrons, as it allows you to purchase beautiful cultivars at amazing prices. Take some time and review the CLEARANCE page now.

Keep in mind that many of our cultivars are Roycroft originals. If you're familiar with Bob Roycroft, and his hybridizing genius, you'll know that he has created cultivars that are exquisite and hardy. Hemingway Nursery is the only nursery to carry Roycroft originals. We've lowered our pricing on many Roycroft daylilies as we've seen our stock grow tremendously over the last couple of years.

We offer our flowers at the nursery in pre-planted established pots. If the flower you want isn't already in pots, we will unearth them and pot them for you to take them home. We also ship flowers ordered from our website. We offer some of the best values for your purchase. Each plant is individually grown in our nursery, and nurtured until they are ready to ship, so that you'll receive healthy large plants for your garden. All of our orders are shipped with a minimum of two fans. We ship our plants in bare-root status within 24 hours of removing them from the ground. We prep our flowers for shipment by manicuring them, and soaking them in a herbicide solution to kill any undesired fungus or bacteria. Hence, they arrive in excellent shape for planting. You'll find our flowers to be large and healthy. For online orders, we will not charge your CC until the week of shipment. Additionally, unlike some nurseries, we do not charge an upcharge for using your credit card for your purchase. Our focus is to offer the most beautiful daylilies you can find, at a value that exceeds the cost of your purchase.

Also, we offer a 1 year guarantee on your flowers. If your flowers do not grow as you'd like for any reason, we will ship you a replacement, no questions asked, for up to a year after your purchase.


For the balance of this season, through the end of September, our nursery hours will run 9 am to 4 pm Thursday through Saturday. We'll return to our standard nursery hours next April. If you'd like to visit us another time, just give us a call and we'll try to accommodate. We live at our nursery, so are almost always here, but it's prudent to call first just in case.

We have resumed our delivery service. So, if you live within an hour of our nursery, and prefer to order over the phone and have the flowers delivered to your home, just let us know. Our delivery service fee is $25 in addition to the cost of the flowers. The upshot of that is that there's no shipping costs. To keep our delivery cost down, we do ask that you order $50 or more of flowers if you're requesting delivery. To place your order and set up a delivery, you can call Lucille at 919-306-4329. She'll take your order and schedule a delivery for you. If you're uncertain that you're within our delivery zone, just call us, and we'll let you know.

Please call us directly with any questions. Lucille at 919-306-4329, and Scott at 919-306-4230. All online orders will be shipped bare root.

Our Nursery Home is located at: 3954 Hemingway Highway, Hemingway, SC 29554.

Please keep your questions and suggestions coming. Send your inquiries to [email protected]


We encourage you to subscribe to our web site's Nursery Newsletter. As a newsletter subscriber you'll remain up-to-date on our latest Sale (we run a new one every month on 2 or more of our flowers), you'll have an opportunity to participate in our daylily contests, you'll have access to our tips and ideas, etc. During the growing season, we send it out bi-monthly and you may unsubscribe at anytime if you wish. You may subscribe at [email protected] or just enter your email address in the subscribe button on the right of our home page.

Also, if you'd like to leave us a review, you can do so at our Google web page. We welcome both praise and constructive criticism equally. Just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


NURSERY VISITORS-- Our container-grown daylilies are well established in pots and, unlike bare root plants, can be planted anytime that the ground isn't frozen in your garden. We cannot ship container-grown flowers through mail orders. All mail order flowers are shipped bare root.

For online orders we will not charge your credit card until the week we ship.

Our web site, with discounts, offers many cultivars as low as $7.50 for a double fan.

Easiest method of ordering over web site's shopping cart: Our web site's shopping cart shows thumbnail photos of every daylily that one puts in it. Put everything that you like in the cart, review details by clicking on name or photo shown in cart, remove cultivars from cart until you arrive at the # you wish to purchase, and then place your order online. If you do not wish to order at one sitting just log out and then log back in whenever you are ready to resume. Everything that you left in your cart when you logged out will still be there.

Refund Policy: If you are displeased with the results of your purchases for any reason, let us know. We'll replace for up to a year after your purchase with the same or similar plants (if originals are out of stock). There will be no cost to you other than shipping.**

Terms and Conditions: Payment in full is required before your order is shipped.

This week's featured cultivar:

Cream colored flower with a distinct ruby red eye. Ruby filigree showcases a stunning cultivar. Good sized flower at 5" width and 25" height. Prolific rebloomer with up to 20 buds in season. 5 way branching.

Gift Certificates! Hemingway Nursery Gift Certificates make wonderful gifts for special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays and are available online for any amount you desire! The recipient will repeatedly remember you every time their daylilies bloom! A customer brought it to my attention that the daylily is the 20th wedding anniversary flower and a gift certificate, or a shipment of daylilies, would be perfect for this occasion!

Thank you for considering our 2021 DAYLILY ONLINE WEB SITE for your daylily needs. It is comprised of major awards and honors winners plus other cultivars which we and our customers like. We only list cultivars that re-bloom for us here in lower zone 8.