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Hemingway Nursery featuring Roycroft Daylilies

Hello Everyone,

In our last update we shared that we would maintain our standard nursery hours during the Covid-19 outbreak. However, we received an update from the Williamsburg County Officials that all non-essential businesses will be closed for the next 14 days.

However, we'll continue taking online orders, as our flowers are growing vibrant and full. As a matter of fact, we have begun to see our first scapes of the season. We're extending our spring sale on the Select Seedlings through the end of April so that our patrons can benefit from the beautiful daylilies. Our seedlings are on sale for $7.50/pot. If you purchase 3 or more, an additional discount will be applied that will allow you to purchase 3 2 fan clusters for $20. Get your orders in now to take advantage of this sale, and get your flowers in the ground before they bloom. If you'd like to take a virtual tour, call Lucille at 919-306-4329 to coordinate.

Once the County re-opens businesses, our schedule will return to Tuesday-Saturdays, 9am-4pm, and Sundays 1pm-4pm.

As of April 1st, we'll start shipping flowers out. The flowers are growing well now, and appear very healthy and robust. The promising foliage we're seeing now should produce a plethora of scapes and flowers as we exit April and head into May. In spite of Covid-19, now is an ideal time to get your flowers in the ground, so that you can enjoy the beautiful scapes during the Spring months. Please call us directly with any questions. Lucille at 919-306-4329, and Scott at 919-306-4230.

Our new Nursery Home is located at: 3954 Hemingway Highway, Hemingway, SC 29554.

Our hours of operation are:

Tuesday through Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm

Sundays: 1 pm to 4 pm

Back in the Summer of 2019 we grew a number of gorgeous seedlings that exhibit lush foliage and multiple shoots of beautiful flowers. To kick off the season we're running a Spring sale, starting March 1st. Through the month of April, we'll be selling our seedlings at a special rate. Seedlings will be on sale for a discounted price of $7.50/pot. If you purchase 3 pots we'll discount them further at 3 for $20.00. You can stop by the nursery beginning March 1st and pick up a selection. If you prefer to have them mailed we can do so as bare root plants. Keep in mind these are seedlings, so we're not sure of the colors, etc. That said, the seedlings were spectacular last season. As always, we guarantee that they'll thrive for at least a year or we'll replace them for free.

Our online site is always open if you'd like to make an order anytime. We'll begin shipping for this Spring season on April 1st.

Our opening celebration, planned for early June, is on hold pending containment of Covid-19. We'll be updating with more specifics as we receive information on the outbreak.

Don't forget to keep your questions and suggestions coming. Please send your inquiries to [email protected]


We encourage you to subscribe to our web site's Nursery Newsletter which we use to notify you of seasonal web site sales and any other important information. We usually send it out weekly and you may unsubscribe at anytime if you wish. You may subscribe at [email protected]

NURSERY VISITORS-- Our container-grown daylilies are well established in pots and, unlike bare root plants, can be planted anytime that the ground isn't frozen in your garden. I.e., we sell container-growns at nursery all year. We cannot ship container-growns through mail orders.

Accordingly, if you would like to purchase container-grown daylilies please call Lucille at 919-306-4329 or Scott at 919-306-4230. The address is 3954 Hemingway Highway, Hemingway, SC 29554.

MAIL ORDERS-- Even if you prefer to have your order shipped later in the year we encourage you to go ahead and place your order now before we possibly sell out of any cultivars that you desire. We will not charge your credit card until 10 days before we ship.

For the 2020 growing season, we will not be shipping any orders until April 1st.

Our web site, with discounts, offers many cultivars as low as $7.50 for a double fan.

Easiest method of ordering over web site's shopping cart: Our web site's shopping cart shows thumbnail photos of every daylily that one puts in it. Put everything that you like in the cart, review details by clicking on name or photo shown in cart, remove cultivars from cart until you arrive at the # you wish to purchase, and then place your order online. If you do not wish to order at one sitting just log out and then log back in whenever you are ready to resume. Everything that you left in your cart when you logged out will still be there.

Refund Policy: If you are displeased with the results of your purchases for any reason, let us know. We'll replace for up to a year after your purchase with the same or similar plants (if originals are out of stock). There will be no cost to you other than shipping.**

Terms and Conditions: Payment in full is required before your order is shipped. We will not charge your credit card until 10 days prior to shipping.

This week's featured cultivar:

The 2007 Stout Silver Medal winner; the Stout is the American Hemerocallis Society's highest award and there is only one winner each year! Unique. A fabulous and rich lavender flower with a watermark type eye of a vivid lavender blue like no other! Well branched with a high bud count. You'll never confuse this unique daylily with any other! A fabulous parent! (For examples see my introductions 'Rose Showoff', 'Soft Spoken Lady', 'Winyah Rose', and several others.) **See the nice Clump shot.**

Special Price Available!
Order 2 or more double fans and receive a 25% discount. More information...

Gift Certificates! Hemingway Nursery Gift Certificates make wonderful gifts for special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays and are available online for any amount you desire! The recipient will repeatedly remember you every time their daylilies bloom! A customer brought it to my attention that the daylily is the 20th wedding anniversary flower and a gift certificate, or a shipment of daylilies, would be perfect for this occasion!

Thank you for considering our 2020 DAYLILY ONLINE WEB SITE for your daylily needs. It is comprised of major awards and honors winners plus other cultivars which we and our customers like. We only list cultivars that re-bloom for us here in lower zone 8.