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Customer Testimonials

Subject: MY ORDER

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday at noon, at which time I placed them into a tub with a light mixture of Miracle Gro, then planted them today. They were the best looking plants I have received to date. Very pleased with the short amount of time after placing my order that I received them, how the plants were packed, marked, and the size and how healthy they were. Hopefully I will be able to continue to buy from you in the future. Thank you. Sincerely,


I'm returning to say a hearty thank you for the wonderful plants you sent me this spring. One of the three ordered from you bloomed for me this season. I'm eager to see how it will perform next year and see the others for the first in my garden. You gave me A-1 service right on schedule. Commendable! It was a joy doing business with you. Thanks alot!

KIDRON, OH 44636

Subject: daylilies

Greetings Roycroft daylilies,

....I have enjoyed ordering from your gardens. There are a lot of growers out there, but you are one of my favorites. You conduct an honest business. Thanks for that.

We placed a sizable order this spring. Everything has thrived. Out of all the plants we put in our “Roycroft Garden”....

Well, I wish you well and will continue to follow you on your home page.

Good luck and God bless.

Your Friend,
Marcus, IA 51035

Mr. Roycroft, just thought I'd let you know that I received the daylilies in great shape and actually ended up putting them in pots the very next morning. All appear to be doing great and have begun growing.

I didn't immediately plant them since we are having a deck and associated flower beds installed at the back of our home the end of this month. So, I thought the pot route would let them get started and get their root systems going well before we placed them in the new beds. And with the way they've taken off, I'm glad that I made the decision to go ahead and get them in the pots.

By the way, I have several neighbors to whom I have shown pictures of the blooms from the daylilies that I now have from you (printed off your web site). They are jealous. About all you see around here are the Stella de Oro daylilies. In fact, I have a couple of bronze bloomed daylilies at our front entrance that neighbors comment about and ask where I got them (both were planted in the bed when we purchased the home). So, I suspect they will really be blown away when we get the Roycroft daylilies blooming.

By the way, each fan of the Tyler's Cove hybrid (are these hybrids or varieties) is shooting up a bloom stalk with blooms forming on each. The little rascals barely have leaves coming out....

Thanks again for sending such healthy plants.

Bullard, TX 75757

Subject: daylily order

Just a note that the order arrived and was in good shape. We started a new bed and it only has your plants in it. We call it the Roycroft bed! We know we can depend on your plants and can’t wait for them to mature. God willing, we’ll be doing more business with you....

God Bless,

Marcus, IA 51035

Subject: Order Received

I just received my order. Plants look great. Thank you for the bonus. I can't wait to see them bloom!

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Subject: Re: your gift of daylilies

Hi Bob!

The plants arrived today & they are just beautiful! I can't get over how many roots there are!

Thank you SO much!


Dear Bob,

....Your daylilies arrived in great shape. Thank you so much for your wonderful bonus plants! I am keen on getting to see even more of your introductions bloom in my garden. It was great fun to look them up on your website - you made wonderful selections as bonus plants.

Best wishes to you,

Boulder, CO 80302

From Dave's Garden:

Really nice healthy fans with a good fall discount. I like the fact that they offer their seedlings available for sale as well. I would definitley buy from them again!

Knoxville, TN

Comments: I have your cultivar Our Sweet Caroline. What a fantastic plant and gorgeous flower!

Nashua, NH 03062

Can't wait to add more of your wonderful plants to my garden. Missed visiting this summer, but always enjoy getting your newsletters!


I received my order yesterday. Beautiful plants - thank you!

Rochester, NY 14617

Bob--just wanted to tell you that I received the daylilies in great shape
and was able to plant them today in their new home. Thanks so much for
changing the ship date and for the "freebies." I really appreciate your flexibility and customer service. Have a good holiday.

Ancram, NY 12502

From Dave's Garden:

Roycroft sent beautiful, strong fans. More than I ordered. Plus gifts. They diligently tried to reach me to ask for a substitute for something that they had run out of. I love their selection and their customer service is grand. I'm not sure it gets any better than this.

The daylilies just arrived, and they look great. Thanks for the healthy plants and all the gifts.

Iowa City, IA 52240

Subject: Daylily Order

Just a note to let you know that I received my order of Tribute to Mike
and Smugglers Gold. They arrived in great shape. It was raining so they
got a little extra moisture. Thank you for the fast service. Can't wait
to get them in the ground.

Thank you again and have a great bloom season, now that it has finally

Yours truly,
Huntersville, NC 28078


I placed my first order yesterday. Andy could not have been more
helpful. Please pass this on to him. Thanks.

Darlington, MD

Bob et al,
My order arrived this week in excellent order. Thank you for the nice gifts.

Moncure, NC

I'm a Roycroft-a-holic! Love your service and lilies. They're THE pride of my yard!

Goose Creek, SC

Wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding plants I received from Roycroft. They were huge and healthy plants with well-developed rootstocks. Each one was properly labeled for easy identification. They were packed well and arrived in very good condition. And your customer service was great too. Each time I emailed a question, I received a prompt and courteous answer. I was extremely pleased with the quality, size and vigor of all the plants in my order. And the free gift plants included in my order was a wonderful and thoughtful addition. I wet the plant wrappings upon receipt and planted them the following day in the garden. They took off immediately and I'm very anxious to see the blooms. I'll be ordering from Roycroft again-- truly a company that prides itself on producing the best daylilies ! Thanks.

Jefferson City, MO

Thank you SO much for getting my order to me last week and for the wonderful bonus daylilies!!! I always give your daylilies as gifts to my family in Virginia and it's been so exciting to see them multiply over the years. Even got some of my friends on the daylily-gift wagon :)
Lots of love for the Roycroft Nursery!!!!

Mt Pleasant, SC

Thank you so much! I received my daylily order today and I could not be more pleased! They are beautiful! Thank you also for the free (gift) daylilies included in the order. They are already in the ground! Cannot wait for them to bloom!

Venus, TX

Got order a few minutes ago and THANK YOU for all you have done, they look great!!

Blairsville, GA

Dear Bob,

Please let me share a bit of wonderful news concerning your faithful and fabulous man, Andy. He spent quality time with me today as my husband and I traveled home to Wilmington from our daughter's place in Mt. Pleasant. I had stopped in at the beginning of the year and found him cleaning out beds and in general making the place pleasing to the eye and helping the daylilies perform their best. Then again I stopped by again and wow! I am very impressed with the way the place looked even at the end of the season. Nice work! It looks like your business is in good hands.

Of course, I have to purchase something each trip and I have been a good customer of yours over many years and will continue to come back. Andy was full of valuable information and quite generous in sharing it. You can tell he takes pride in the business.

Many thanks, Andy!

Wilmington, NC

We would like to thank Andy for his help with our order today. He was most helpful in providing answers to our questions and directing us towards varieties that would complement our choices. Knowing of his enthusiasm and knowledge of daylilies will make future purchases from Roycroft one of confidence. Thank you.

Pittsburgh, PA

Wow! Thanks for the great quality and the gifts. I'm excited to get them growing!!

P.s. You really hit the nail on the head with your selection of the gifts and the substitute! The colors are perfect for this garden. Thanks again.

Sonoma, CA

Look forward to seeing "old friends" bloom this year...Love doing business with you folks.

Schenectady, NY

Thank You. As always, looking forward to my order. I LOVE your daylilies-- my garden continues to move over to them more and more every year.

Kailua-Kona, HI 3/13/12

Greetings from...,

Wanted to let you know that our shipment from you arrived in good condition, is planted, and we are seeing new growth which is good since winter is knocking at our back door. Also, we want to thank you for the gift plants!! What a generous choice you made for us!! Can't wait to see Barn Yard Strut do his thing this summer... ...(we) are loving our daylilies.

Thanks again and God Bless,

Marcus, IA

My order you shipped Monday arrived Wednesday in good condition. I am ready to get them planted. Thanks.

Southern Pines, NC

My order arrived today in excellent condition and I am pleased with the size and quality of the plants. Thanks for the generous bonus plant.

Moncure, NC

.... Thanks for shipping so quickly. I was really impressed with the plants you've already sent -- can't wait to get them in the ground!

Overland, MO

Orange Blossom Special has been blooming in my patio garden - it's gorgeous! Looking forward to Bennett's Blaze of Fire for my front sidewalk garden.

Kirkland, WA

Subject: Free daylilies; lower prices; Summer Sale

Will try to order again next week. The last ones I recently got..are already blooming..incredible.. I was getting them for next year. I healed them in and they simply took off!

Shallotte, NC

Received order in great shape and immediately planted them. Thanks.

Philadelphia, PA

I received my order yesterday and was extremely pleased with the quality of your plants! I also want to Thank You for the free seedlings you sent to me, their quality was outstanding! I will certainly be ordering again to plant before the fall season ends....

Thank you,

Wanchese, NC

I wanted to thank you for your service and the gift daylilies. I will use you again. I also have given your name to friends who I have shown the plants to.

Thank you again,

Waxahachie, TX

Subject: Thank You!


Just to let you know I received my daylily order last Friday and the plants were in perfect condition. I am very pleased and can't wait to see the blooms in my yard.

Thank You again,

San Pedro, CA

Dear Roycrofts & staff:

Just imagine! Your daylilies arrived in fine shape and they are beautiful!! Thank you. This will be a long winter wait for the spring but I am excited for my garden to take shape.

Thank you again for your friendly & efficient service & the hope your daylilies brought me.

P.S.: Thank you for (gift plant) PRINCE CHARMING'S DANCE!! Wow!!!

Woodinville, WA

The daylilies arrived Wednesday and I planted them Thursday. Now all I have to do is wait six months for them to bloom.

I am very pleased with the product and the service. I will order again.

Orlando, FL

I received my order yesterday after from Fed Ex. Thank you very much. I am pleased with my new daylilies.

Pittston, ME

My order arrived safely on Friday. Thank you for your quick delivery and gift seedlings. I look forward to dealing with Roycroft again.

Telford, PA

Dear Bob,

I received my order today on Aug. 4th. They are already planted. I was so excited to get my free gift "West Virginia Tribute". I have been wanting that beauty. I think you read my mind. Thank you so much!

North Liberty, IN

Bob and Crew,

Your shipment arrived in great shape, the plants looked like they had been dug about ten minutes before they arrived. Thanks for the wonderful bonus plant, “Red Flush”. 'Bill Fall' is a classic that I don’t have in my collection, but now I have it’s genes on one of your improved plants. Thanks tons, have a super season. Sincerely, Mitch Holcomb


The Whitehall Beauty that you sent me as a gift last fall is MAGNIFIQUE! What a gift! Thank you millions! It is 7 - 8 inches in diameter.

Charleston, SC

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for the (daylily) gift! I can't wait to see it in "real life"! A 2007 intro, to boot. All my plants are in the ground and, I hope, happy. They were in superb condition when they arrived yesterday.

Thank goodness i have an irrigation system that I monitor closely, and hand water my gardens, too. This drought is becoming a nuisance!


Charleston, SC


Thanks for your business. The package arrived in good condition and I have all plants in the ground. They look great.

Thanks again,

Canton, TX

Awesome customer service, gorgeous cultivars, and great sale. ....I'm going out of town and this order's ship date was moved up for me which was very kind and helpful. I love that bonus (gift) plants were included, which I think are mismarked (SEE BELOW FOR EXPLANATION NOTE) as I can't find reference to them, but no complaints here. I'm sure they will be a gorgeous surprise. There were 3 that I kept to see if I can try my hand at hybridizing, and I am hoping the pesky voles don't get to the roots. I just may have to get a cat.

On May 21st, 2010, ibewgirl edited to add, "I received a 2nd order in great shape and love the bonus (gift) plant."

(EXPLANATION NOTE FROM THE ROYCROFTS: The three gift plants were not mismarked. They were newer 2008-2009 introductions and were not shown in our last catalog, printed in 2007, but are shown on our 2010 web site. We notified ibewgirl of this so now she knows their identity, has seen photos, and has their descriptions.)

Posted on Dave's 'The Garden Watchdog'
(19 Positives, 0 Neutrals, 0 Negatives)
Positive ibewgirl
Wilmington, DE
May 21, 2010 Posted on April 8, 2010, updated May 21, 2010

….The ones (daylilies) we bought from you bloom more than all of the others I have acquired elsewhere. We are so very pleased. Good luck in your business….

Shallotte, NC

Subject: Re: Roycroft Seedlings; Summer Sale!

I just received my fall order two days ago and got them in the ground. What lovely plants. All were so professionally packaged and received in great shape.
Can't wait until next year to see the results of my hard work.   Some of the spring shipment have been blooming (much to my surprise). Thanks to all of you for the great job you do.

Roland, Arkansas

Hi, Bob and thank you so much for the lovely order which arrived this morning. That was fast! ….Thank you again for the quality of the order.

Polson, MT

Received (my order) today and I was pleasantly surprised as to their excellent condition and size!  Thank you so much! I would recommend you in a heartbeat!

Ambler, PA

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for the great daylilies we've been getting from you since we started planting them around our house.  We now have over 200 different daylilies on our property.   Your flowers, your service, and your willingness to talk to the customers Mr. Roycroft is what makes your nursery one of the best.

Also many thanks for the free daylily in our shipment.  The Prince Charming's Dance was very unexpected and will be a delightly add to our gardens.  I'm only considering what I can cross it with to play with that beautiful color.

Thanks again,

Fishers, IN

Received my order 3350 on 5/20. I am very pleased with the superb quality of your plants.

Thanks again.

Wattsburg, PA

Subject: Thanks so much!


I just had to contact your company to tell you how thrilled I am with your product and service.  I ordered from you for the first time just recently.  The order was for a variety of daylilies for mother's day.  Being as I live 3000 miles away from both your nursery and my mother, I put all my trust in what I saw on your website.

She just called to tell me that the plants are beautiful and healthy.  She couldn't be happier nor could I.  You now have 2 new customers who are looking forward to purchasing more daylilies from you in the future!

Thanks Again!
Oakland, CA

OOOOOOHHHHHHH HAPPY DAY!!!! My first shipments for the 2009 season arrived today. My first order from the Roycrofts looks fabulous...plus a 09 intro for a bonus. Can't ask for more….
Rain is in the forecast for the next two days so I have already got my new stuff in the ground. My clothes are dirty and I have dirt under my nails again. Let the season progress!!!! HAPPY I AM!!!!....

Central, IL

Subject: shipment

Good morning.  Just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday.  Thanks so much for the extras.  Am looking forward to seeing all of them bloom.

Pollock, LA

Roycroft Daylily Nursery~   What a delightful experience it was to visit your place yesterday!   Charlie couldn't have been nicer, and so helpful when I had no idea what I really wanted other than to send a daylily to a special friend.   Thank you! Now I wish we could both get a picture of that friend when she opens your "Belle Isle" package next week!

Pawleys Island, SC

Subject: Thanks!

My order arrived today and all are in the ground.  Thank you so much for the gift of the Springfield Clan.  I have one of its “parents” Point of View, so I know I will enjoy this one.  Can’t wait until daylily summer!

Charleston, SC

Subject: Tyler's Cove

….I received 'Tyler's Cove' from you in mid July. It had a clipped flower scape at that time. It grew very well and in late October began growing another flower scape. It opened its first bloom for me on November 20! It's still trying to flower, and has at least nineteen healthy buds. All its leaves have died back and I think I'll take pity on it soon -- maybe -- and cut back the flower stalk. Or maybe not... Depends on the weather, I guess….

I just wanted to let you know 'Tyler's Cove' seems to be rather pleased in its new home, which is USDA zone 8. Thanks for all the nice daylilies I've received from you over the last few years.


Kirkland, Washington

Just received the package, plant looks great - thanks!

Seattle, WA

Hi, just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday. Beautiful , healthy, clean plants. They are going in the ground today. And I have spent 2 hours looking at your catalog. I looked at a couple of other websites before I ordered from you. The reason I chose your site was because I could search easily for a particular color daylily. Every one is beautiful but I have a landscape plan in mind and want certain colors, so I was thrilled to find several purples that work with my plan and my budget.

….Thank you for great service and I am sure I will be ordering again soon!

Franklinton, La.

Today I received the hems I ordered, and they were beautiful. What a great sale! I can't wait to see them next year. I'm already making a list of some I want to order in the spring.
Thanks again,

Granger, IN

Friends at Roycroft:

This is just a note to let you know that our order of daylilies arrived this afternoon, exactly two days from preparation and shipment. They were so very well prepared and packed. The wrappings were still damp! Thank you so very much. We so much appreciate your friendliness and efficiency. We planted them in prepared soil as soon as they arrived and watered them very thoroughly. We will be leaving for a long weekend in Barrie, Canada tomorrow. Our son will be stopping in to take care of our cat and the daylilies!
Thank you very much.

Greencastle, PA

A "Garden Watchdog" report on Roycroft Daylily Nursery from Dave's Garden web site:

On August 10, 2008, irishrose7 Independence, MO wrote:

I have ordered from Roycroft Daylilies for many years. Their website is amazingly easy to navigate and my plants have all arrived in great condition. The quality of plants and service bring me back to them time after time.

Hi Bob!

I wanted you to know that Point of View just opened and it is heart stoppingly beautiful!!!! You had recommended it to me and it is more than I ever dreamed it would be!

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Woodmere, NY

Dear Mr. Roycroft,

The rest of my order arrived this afternoon and I am about to plant the remaining three plants! I have been extremely satisfied with everything which you have sent and I can't wait for these plants to flower! I know that flowering may take place a year from now, but I have always been an optimist!!! I am 100% sure of the plants!! You have been very kind! Thank you!

Best Regards,
Woodmere, NY

Dear Mr. Roycroft,

Yes....I am sure that I will enjoy! Everything which you have sent, has been perfect! I really must not go on to your site any more.....your sale prices are weakening my resolve to watch the plants I have and to wait until next year to plant more! At this rate, I will have to move to a house with more land to accommodate your daylilies!

Best Regards,
Woodmere, NY

I want to thank you very much for the shipment. Thank you very much for Cindy's Choice. I was thrilled when I looked up the plant and saw what a beautiful lily it is. I will be looking forward to seeing it bloom. Thank you again for all the plants and the enjoyment they will provide me. Julianne Sekerak

Columbiaville, MI

You guys have the BEST daylilies ever! I have had mine in the garden for 5 years...They get better and better!

Fort Worth, TX

Hi there! I just want you to know that I ordered a large quantity of daylilies from your nursery, about 10 yrs ago, when I first put in my garden. They have been splendid for all these years, and now that I'm planning to expand, I'm back again to order from you. I'm a VERY satisfied customer, and you have beautiful and healthy plants. Warm regards,

Minneapolis, MN

Many thanks. I look forward to returning to pick out some more daylilies. My "Vanilla Fluff" and "Champagne Elegance" are already "shooting up stalks". You have wonderful---and hardy stock!

Sullivan’s Island, SC

We love these daylilies so much that we are giving them as a housewarming gift to our friends. Is there anything better for a new home? Thanx again for all the great plants you've sent our way. God Bless,

Fordoche, LA

All of my yearly order has arrived safely today. They look very healthy and of good size. I appreciate your expertise in selecting what to send out to all that order from you.

I also appreciated the FedEx tracking number that you had e-mailed me 2 days ago so I could track the shipment. That really got me excited to look for them on my doorstep every time I drove up the past few days. That was an added bonus to know they were on their way and fantastic customer service.

I look forward to many years of beauty from all of the daylilies I have purchased from you over the years. Keep up the good work and I'll keep ordering and planting your beauties.

Take care and have a very prosperous year at your Roycroft gardens.

Wilson, NC

I was so impressed by my first order that I had to come back for more.

Please ship as soon as you can. Thanks!

Winston Salem, NC

This is the second year I have ordered from Roycroft. I was thrilled with the size and quality of the plants I received last year. Because I live in zone 5, I had always worried about ordering from nurseries in the far south with regard to Daylily Rust--but the plants you sent were absolutely healthy and show no signs at all of this disease. Thank you, Roycroft, for offering so many lovely and award-winning daylilies to your customers.

South Deerfield, MA

Thank you very much for sending me the big & healthy daylilies! I received them today. All plants are very very healthy! In addition, 1 fan plant I ordered was upgraded to a 2 or 3 fan! I appreciate your kindness!!!

I really love daylilies. I will continue with daylily hybridizing. I am looking forward to blooming your introductions! Again, thank you very much for your kindness.

Tottori-ken, JAPAN

The daylilies arrived on 9/27 and we are very pleased with them, as we were with our last order. I am very sorry I haven't written sooner, but have had too many things going at once. We planted them the same day they arrived and they are flourishing. We mix compost & manure in the planting hole with the soil and water them every day. They are really growing. We can hardly wait until spring to see them bloom.
Thank you so much.

Paducah, KY


I just wanted to say thank you for delivering another wonderful collection of daylilies to me! My order arrived in excellent condition, the plants were large and healthy and I really appreciated the free gift daylilies.

In selection, quality and price, you guys can't be beat.

Thanks again!

Grand Praire, TX

Got my order. WOW!!! Super plants, and three and four fans on some. I will be back and tell my friends. Super job! Oh, and when I said ASAP for delivery, I didn't expect 3 days from order to delivery. Amazing

Sioux City, IA

Just a note to say thanks for sending such nice plants. Despite our 100 degree day, they arrived looking fresh and healthy and are now resting comfortably in pots in my guest room. It's WAY too hot to be outside for plants OR me!!! I'm very pleased with my order and will order again!!! Thank you.

Sherrills Ford, NC

Last year, while vacationing, I stopped by your beautiful nursery and made several purchases; one of my favorites is Point Of View. My husband and I picked this one. Its name says it all. Along with the others I purchased, all have truly been beautiful this year. I look forward to my next visit.

Whitmire SC

Today I received my order from Roycroft. As usual your daylilies were very healthy looking. Thank you for sending extra fans of RED SUSPENDERS and KAREN MY LOVE and the two fat fans of NOSFERATU. I was especially pleased with RED SUSPENDERS. Ö. Also thanks for the good gift of LAVENDER RAINBOW. You always give such good gifts.

Kirkwood, MO

Just to let you know the parcel arrived today, thank you very much for your efforts. The plants were still fine. As ever I am very pleased and would recommend you to anyone!
Wishing you a great season.


Just to let you know, I have received my shipment of daylilies on the morning of the 17th and they came fast since they were shipped on the 14th. I am very happy with the vim and vigor of the plants that you sent to me. I did soak the roots in water for an hour or two but not sure that I really needed to do that. They are all planted in my small nursery and I am anxious to see them bloom. I did enjoy meeting you in March and enjoyed your friendly and helpful staff. Thanks again!

Marietta, NY

A "Garden Watchdog" report on Roycroft Daylily Nursery from Dave's Garden web site:

I have ordered from this company for 3 years. They have a fantastic selection of daylilies that are always first quality and at a great price. Love the search function on the website that allows you to select daylilies by color, size, fragrance, price, etc.

Sherman, IL

Just received the daylilies today. All look fine. They are already in the ground. Thanks for the nice plants and for the fragrant bonus plant. I can't wait to see them in bloom.

By the way, Bobby's Red Charmer and Belle Isle Lipstick are prolific bloomers here in the northern Catskill mountains (zone 4). Belle Isle Lipstick was still blooming in October last year.

Preston Hollow, NY

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say thanks for the nice order.

Merrimack, NH

Thank you for the prompt shipment as requested. You were generous in the definition of a single fan and selected a lovely bonus. I am looking forward to the possibility of enjoying some blooms this summer - I am anxious to see if my garden can match your photographs!

Birmingham, AL

You have, by far, the best (daylily) website I've ever used - gorgeous pictures, easy to navigate. I'm making my list and will be ordering soon.


I received my shipment of Lowcountry Lady and was very excited to see such healthy plants. Being a daylily "Newbie", I am looking forward to future daylilies from Roycroft Nursery!

Thank you for such prompt service.
Ridgeland, SC

Hi Bob,

I received my order today and it looks great! Thank you for the generous counts and the great gift plants.

Fredericksburg, VA

I couldn't let the opportunity pass to thank you for the excellent service you provide to those of us far, far away from your location. I've just planted my second order from you and have again been very pleased and impressed with the quality of the plants you provided. It's a pleasure sharing your passion with you.

Bowling Green, OH

Got my plants yesterday. They were in good shape and are of super quality. Having been stung when ordering from new sources, it was a wonderful surprise to see plants that were above what I had expected. Will definitely order again!

Columbia, SC

Mr. Roycroft and Staff,

Visiting your display gardens is one of the highlights of our South Carolina vacation. We received our daylilies the day after our return to Ohio. They looked like you had just dug them the morning we received them.

Our two grandchildren helped us with the planting design. They cut the pictures of the ones we bought from the catalog and arranged and rearranged with the help of tape until they had the "perfect" combination of colors. Of course they each took a favorite home! What fun. Now we will enjoy this group of daylilies for more reasons than one.

When we returned home, we found that our Strawberry Candy was reblooming. We now have 32 of your plants to enjoy. There's always room for another daylily at our house.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you next summer.

Mansfield, OH

A "Garden Watchdog" report on Roycroft Daylily Nursery from Dave's Garden web site:

Wonderful!!! Last fall I purchased 25 of the healthiest daylilies that have produced, in abundance, the most incredible blooms this summer. I also received a very generous selection of BONUS plants. Everything, from their website to their careful packaging, quick shipment and quality of the plants, far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be making a second purchase from them for this fall.

Granby, MA

Every daylily I've ever gotten from you has done exceedingly well. The three I bought last year are or have bloomed delightfully well this year. Thank you for such fine quality.

Hogansville, GA

Love your selection. The daylilies I bought last year are huge!

Sherman, IL


I just want to thank you again for making all the suggestions for my yard and for the wonderful gifts of those very special daylilies. My garden is really taking shape with all the beautiful daylilies. We will be coming to the beach in July and I plan to visit and bring pictures to share......till then have a good summer.

Arlington, VA

Subject: Super Daylilies survived Katrina & Rita!!!

Mr. Bob,

Just a note to let you know that all those wonderful daylilies we carried back to Louisiana (All American Chief, Persian Ruby, etc) not only survived Katrina and Rita, but are head and shoulders above all the rest!

Thanks again for the tour last year and tell Cindy that I'm saving up my "mad" money for one of her Whoa Baby's. Have a great growing season and God Bless.

Fordoche, La

Dear Roycroft family,

I received my daylily order and they are already in the ground. The plants were beautiful! I just had to write and thank you.

A daylily lover,
Lancaster, SC

My new babies have arrived Thursday in great shape and very pleased of the extra fans on most all of them. Very healthy and good size. My extra ones you sent me were wonderful as I have requested more reds from you if possible. That was a nice surprise which will be enjoyed along with all my new doubles. They are all placed in my new bed and ready for their spectacular show later this year. Smiles to you and your folks from my lily gardens in Wilson NC.

Wilson, NC

Last year I became a Roycroft customer and while I was concerned about planting later in the growing season I am pleased to say all your plants have survived winter here in the western suburb of Boston. Cinderella's Dance and my bonus (gift) plant? were only covered with cut Christmas tree branches in mid January; Forsyth Golden Gift and Forsyth Pawnee had no protection at all.

I am especially pleased that all three fans of Cinderella's Dance have returned and are already several inches tall, and I so look forward to the first blooms of my newest daylily additions.

Thanking you for such nice, healthy, robust plants,
Concord, MA

My order arrived yesterday in great shape! Thank you for the nice sized plants and the generous bonus plant.

Martinez, GA 30907

The parcel (178 daylilies) was delivered today in good order and I am very pleased - lovely fresh plants and generous extra's by way of some doubles and triples which I wasn't expecting. I am very pleased and shall certainly hope to place another similar sized order later on. All good wishes for a successful season.

Wimbotsham, Kings Lynn
Norfolk, United Kingdom

A "Garden Watchdog" report on Roycroft Daylily Nursery from Dave's Garden web site:

"The plants I ordered arrived quickly and had root systems that were very large and healthy-looking. In addition, one costly plant I ordered was upgraded to a double fan, and the bonus plant I received was a beautiful cultivar of greater value than two of the others I ordered. An overall good experience with Roycroft; I would be happy to buy from them again."

Mission Viejo, CA

Thanks Bob...the daylilies look great. I cannot wait for them to bloom. The bonus (gift) plant is also appreciated. The quality of (day)lily is first class.

Delray Beach, FL

...Tar and Feather arrived 10:00 a.m. this morning, Thursday. I opened the box immediately and was surprised to see a bundle of two. You are very kind to do this. It is a very big "gift". Thank you for such healthy and beautiful foliage too. It is a cool day here so will put it in the soil right away.

Happy gardening in Georgetown!
Camden, SC

I have ordered from a lot of web sites & catalogs, but never have I received such wonderful service as from you at Roycroft. The quality was superb; everything packed perfectly & arrived in one day!! Many thanks. My husband & I will be lifelong customers.

West Columbia, SC

Dear Mr. Roycroft,

We will be visiting your nursery on Saturday, June 4th. I can't wait...you have the most beautiful nursery that I have ever been to. I hope that you are there and hope to see you then.

Easley, SC



Our order arrived yesterday in excellent condition. The newspaper wrapping was still damp. Thank you for the generous bonus plants and for shipping the order sooner than the scheduled date. The plants are in the ground and ready to go.

Farmerville, LA

Excellent customer service!! In December, I placed my order and requested late March shipping. In late February, I e-mailed Roycroft asking them to ship my order earlier. Bob Roycroft replied next day and promised to ship my order on March 8. They shipped my plants on the exact date they promised, and the plants arrived in good condition. All the plants were large and had healthy roots. I also received two large bonus plants. Roycroft probably has the best online catalog, and you can order online from anywhere in the world. I highly recommend this company to daylily fanciers from all around the world.

Osaka, Japan

I have visited Roycroft and if you ever want to see something you only see once in a lifetime go to Roycroft in June. There are the catalog listings and test beds that will blow your mind. Everything I have purchased from them is non stop gorgeous.

Indian Trail, NC

I found your firm on the internet last summer while searching for companies selling daylilies. I ordered one of your catalogs and later placed two orders totaling about 50 plants. On one order I requested a specific shipping date and on the other one I marked it ship ?ASAP?. The first order was shipped on the exact date I requested, and the second was shipped the next day after I faxed in the order. I have ordered daylilies from several companies but wanted to make a few observations as a customer. First, I was amazed at the size and quality of your plants and the fact they were individually wrapped in newspaper. Secondly, I commend your shipping department for such excellent service. It is so rare to find a company that sells quality products and also has good customer service. I am enclosing a new daylily order and plan to buy most of my plants from your firm in the future. I regret that I do not live close enough to personally visit your nursery.

Mt. Juliet, TN

I placed my first order with you guys last year and did not get a chance to tell you what great quality the plants were and how much I appreciated the gift plants.

Oak Island, NC

I would like to say that I have been a customer of Roycroft Daylily Nursery for about 4-5 years now. My husband and I make regular Spring and Summer visits to their nursery from upstate South Carolina.

We are always overwhelmed at the beauty of this place. We have bought MANY daylilies from them, and may I say, we have never had a problem from any of them. As a matter of fact, everything that we have purchased from them verses another area Daylily Nursery have always seemed to out-perform the competitor. Maybe it's just me, or I'm being extremely partial to Roycrofts.

Whatever the case, we absolutely love the place. It like a little peace of heaven on earth.

Keep up the beautiful work! Forever a devoted customer,
Easley, SC

I received my new 2005 catalog today. I just wanted to say it is FANtastic ! I am new to this forum and have only been growing Daylilies for 2 full seasons. I wanted you to know your catalog, has been a guideline to me since I started collecting Daylilies. Thanks for the inspiration.

Rick 1/13/05

Attn John Sessions

I received my large order of 200 plants from you which I planted on Mothers day. I just want to tell you the stock was the best I have ever seen. All plants are growing very well and have had many bloom already this year. I can't wait until next year. Just wanted to thank you for the high quality plants. I authorize you to use me for any references you need.

David Mathis (Name given only because David graciously gave us permission to do so.)
Huntley, Illinois

From Dave's Garden web site On Sep 22, 2004, SciFiFan42 wrote:

An absolutely excellent experience! My order of three single fan daylilies arrived on time in perfect condition. The plants were extraordinarily healthy, and the "single fan" seemed to be at least two on each of the three daylilies.

I also appreciated the free plant stake name tags included with my order. Roycroft has excellent prices, an unbeatable selection and, most importantly, healthy plants. I couldn't ask for more and I couldn't be more pleased. :)

Hi John

Everything appears to be in order and healthy looking! Potted them up for a head start in the green house last night. Thank you very much.

Knoxville, TN

Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday 5/6/04. The plants were beautiful, thank you for the gift. Can not wait to see them flower. Will be ordering more.

Thanks again,


Just a note to thank you for the wonderful plants that FedEx delivered here the other morning. They sure look wonderful and should do well. Also thank you for the bonus plant of CALICO JACK. That was a nice surprise. We are looking forward to seeing all the new ones bloom here.

Hackettstown, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently received a large (for me) daylily shipment from you and was very pleased with the size and quality of the plants. Even though I have a small Gardening services business in my area, these plants are to add to my own gardens as I have become addicted.

Frankly, your competitors can not match you for the quality of plants you provide nor the selection! Recently, I confess to buying a few plants from (name removed) and I will never buy from them again! There is no comparison.

Pittsburgh PA

The order I received from you last year was superb!! Most of the plants have tripled, some quadrupled. Thank you for quality daylilies.

Mocksville, NC


This year, I ordered three daylilies from Roycroft. Olympic Showcase, Strutter's Ball, and Love Those Eyes. They are all performing very well, producing large, well shaped blooms. I am very pleased. This year I ordered from several daylilies vendors. The Roycroft stock was the largest, cleanest and healthiest looking stock that I received. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks again,

Kingston TN

Dear Roycrofts

Received my daylily order 8/31 and what can I say but a

BIG THANK YOU for healthy excellent plants.

I do not have as much space as I would like for daylilies but

any I order in the future will come from Roycrofts! The plants I ordered last year have performed wonderfully and have been a joy.

Thank you also for your generous bonus plants.
Best regards,





Hi! I just received my order and couldn't be more pleased with my plants. They are all healthy and beautiful. I can't wait until they bloom!!.... Thanks again for the great service and beautiful plants.

Owensboro, KY

My kids started sending me your daylilies in June 2002. Yesterday I received 7 more and now have 27. The plants of 2002 are big and strong each growing multiple fans. Coincidently, I had purchased some daylilies from another reputable nursery in 2002. I still have them in pots as they are not big enough to plant anywhere but in the nursery garden. You may have guessed that after such success with Roycroft there will never be room in my garden for anything but Roycroft. Thanks.

Remus, MI

Thanks for the prompt delivery and for the generous gift daylilies…. The plants look great.

Littleton, CO

Just wanted to let you know what good quality your plants are. I have ordered from a couple other online daylily nurseries, and I have to say by far the condition of your plants was the best. Thank you.

Hemingford, NE

Received my order about a week and a half ago. Very nice plants. A lot nicer than the rotten junk I got from (name removed). I canceled the rest of that order after receiving the first couple of plants.

Tusumbia, AL

Mr. Sessions, I just wanted to let you know that I received the daylilies, they were in perfect condition, and we have planted them--thank you so much for all your assistance.

Charleston, SC

Dear John,

The daylilies arrived in Belgium this Monday (11.00 am). They seemed in good condition and I put them immediately in the ground.

The bad surprise was the import cost and tax (81,00 € = 95,00 US $!). The good surprise was the gift: two pretty daylilies and your beautiful catalogue! I'm shure I'll enjoy the flowers next year and I'll send you a new order.

Thank you for your very good service ... and I hope you'll excuse my poor English language!

Esneux-Fontin, Belgium

Dear John,

After long wait finally I have received the carton.... As always, the plants are very very good: all the single fans are very large or even double and clump!! Thank you for all the gift cultivar: you read in my mind, because even Maxfield Parrish was my first choice in a hypotetical list of favourites!! Great!


Castel Bolognese, Italy

I wanted to let you guys know that my Dad and I ordered daylilies from you and we both love them, much to my regret my Dad died recently. But one of his greatest pleasures was seeing the daylilies we ordered from you guys bloom. We had intended on selling them but he was sick off and on and we never did and now I have them and love each and every one and there is no way I could part with them and I do plan on ordering more and making a memorial garden with them for my dad and expanding the memorial garden .


John, Thank you for offering us the web gift. You have so many beautiful new lilies. We currently have around 500 daylilies in our gardens. We are starting to have many people come out to look around and they are also getting "hooked" on daylilies.

again.. THANK YOU!!!

Muscoda, WI

Received the package today, right on time and it seems that everything arrived OK.

Shingle Springs, CA

The daylily order arrived Wednesday in good condition. They were planted Thursday late. Thank you for the nice plants. I was pleased with the two bonus (gift) plants.

Iowa, LA

When asked about a source for daylilies, you are always the source that I recommend as your plants and great service is excellent and your web site is very user friendly! I hope that you have a great bloom season!

Best Regards,
Plano, TX 75024

Order arrived. Thanks a bunch for the great plants.

Spring Valley, OH

Thank you. Our order came in good shape and are thriving in their new pots. I also wanted to thank you for the generous gift plants. They are very much appreciated.

Mars, PA

Greetings from Nebraska…to let you know that our order arrived yesterday in very good condition. Thank you for the gift plant....

Bellevue, NE


I received the four lilies I ordered from you and they look very healthy…. Thanks again,

Kennewick, WA

I received my order and was really pleased. Nice Large Plants! So here comes another order! My sister was also very pleased with her plants. Thanks A Million!


received my order from you last week and I was very pleased with all the plants. They were well packaged and the plants were healthy and fresh. I also wanted to thank you for the generous gift of the 5 gift plants. I truly appreciate this generous gift and I look forward to seeing them bloom this year and in the years to come.

Thank you again,
Your Daylily Friend

I was absolutely delighted with my first order. Couldn't believe how healthy the daylilies were when the shipment arrived two weeks ago. You should see how they have grown already.

Warsaw, NC

Dear Roycroft Nursery,

A big thank you for my order which was delivered to me today and has already been planted. The plants were all well wrapped and in an excellent condition with some evidence of shoot and root growth. My free gifts were a pleasant surprise and I look forward to their blooming in spring.

South Africa

We received our order yesterday just as advertised…right on time...plants were excellent…in great shape. Thank you for the gift plants...you were very generous. Now, we just wait for the blooms! Best regards...


We received our order right on time, and the lilies are growing beautifully! Enjoyed doing business with you once again. God Bless.

Redlands, CA

Received my shipment in great shape. I planted them the same day. I was well pleased with the condition and quality....thanks for the catalogs…I will be using them…

Greenbrier, TN

…thank you for my order…was blown away by my Stella d'Oros. I did not expect such large plants…. Thanks again,

Oxford NC

Just wanted to let you know I received my order today in great condition. Very Nice Good Size Plants.

Camdenton, MO

…just received my daylily order from you today 5/2/03….thank you for superb, healthy A-1 plants. I will highly recommend your plants to my friends. I really like the way you wrapped the plants…they arrived here without a leaf broken. I don't buy a lot of daylilies because of limited space but when I buy again it will be from Roycroft's.

Thank you again,
Mocksville NC

Received my plants today. Arrived in excellent condition. Very good sized fans that are very green and healthy looking. Very nice gift plant. Will be waiting for your 2004 catalog this winter. Very satisfied customer for two years, now. Thank You!!

Muscodo WI

…received my daylilies this week. They were absolutely wonderful! Thank you for the wonderful plants and (gift).

Bismarck ND



Black Creek GA

…received my order today…wanted to say a major thank you. i've ordered from you guys in the past, and i will continue to do so in the future. i am always amazed by the quality and quantity of your plants. your "two fans" were more like three or four, the roots were healthy and well developed, and the plants were well packed! you guys go the extra mile for customers, and i'm very grateful! i'm just a small time garden designer, but i plan to pepper brooklyn backyards with roycroft daylilies.

thanks again, it's such a pleasure,
Brooklyn NY

…daylilies I received in August (’02)…from Roycroft are blooming…absolutely gorgeous. While all of the new daylilies are beautiful, I especially enjoy the Forsyth Paleface -- its breathtaking!!! This was the second year I had ordered from Roycroft and have been delighted and pleased with each order. I've ordered additional dayliles for this August and am looking forward to seeing them bloom next year. I'll certainly choose Roycroft for additional daylily purchases! Thanks again!

Lanesville, IN

My husband and I have been to your store ,on two different trips to the beach. We have purchased lots of daylilies from you and other places. We are getting a great show from them now. We have been more than pleased with everything we have purchased from you.

Charleston, WV

Dear John, I received the plants… I am very happy because the plants are very very good, any daylily is readily start and very very strong!! I am an Italian graduated in agriculture I am 38 years old and like collect many kind of plants (maples, iris, hemerocallis etc...)…. Your plants are of excellent quality, clearly and perfectly packed. I'm sure that next year every plant will be blooming. At present I have increased my collection to about 80 varieties but probably I will again order from you.

Thank you very much for the plants, the good and fast service and all the gifts!!!

Best Regards

This is my third order in two months. I am continually impressed with your service and the quality of your daylilies.

Warsaw, NC

Of the 17 daylilies (including two free gifts) I received from you the first week in May, nearly 65% bloomed in July! I could hardly believe it! I figured maybe 2 or 3 would bloom the first year, if I was lucky. And, now, one of them is reblooming in mid August. I can hardly wait for your new catalog next year, so I can order more! Thanks.

Lively VA

… Belle Island Sentry…This year…first bloomed on May 31st... it beat out all other daylilies…by 3 weeks…still blooming one month later…has numerous buds…. Six to seven weeks of bloom is most remarkable in Columbus, OH….daylilies attract people from all over… community who…stop and chat. Walkers have been coming through the yard reading labels…. We've met more people in the last two years than in the 25 years we have lived here…. the whole garden is God's Blessing. We are "Brightening the Corner Where We Are" with your daylilies and it sure makes it easy to get up in the morning. We'll be down in SC in September and hope to see you then.

Columbus, OH

Got them! They're gorgeous and happily planted. :) Thanks very much.


Chelmsford, MA

Aloha, John-- I purchased some (daylilies) from you not too long ago. Just wanted to let you know ALL of them are greening up and putting out new growth, very nicely, including (those)…that you thought might have a hard time in our climate zone. Of course, next stage are blooms, but confidence is high, and satisfaction great!.... Mahalo again for the daylilies...I look forward to their blooms!

Kailua-Kona. HI