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"Other Items" for Sale

Please consider some of our other items for sale when it comes to labeling your daylilies or other perennials for accurate identification. Using our SMALL rigid white plastic "T" stakes, LARGE flexible white plastic "T" stakes, and Permanent aluminum tags can help take the guesswork out of what you planted in years past.

Large T-stakes really help identify hundreds of groups of potted daylilies sold at our retail nursery. Aluminum tags are hard to read from an upright position!

Again, if you prefer a more professional looking larger T-stake, consider printing you labels from a laser printer on Avery Clear Address Labels (#5660). Actual label size 1" x 2 3/4". Such labels last 2-3 years in our AHS National Daylily Display Beds.

PLEASE NOTE: The above items are postpaid if entire shipment totals $60.00 or more; otherwise $7.00 will be added for shipping & handling.