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  • Hybridizer: Roycroft
  • Bloom Diameter: 7"
  • Foliage: DOR
  • First Blooms: Mid-season
  • Last Rebloom: Very late
  • Type: Diploid
  • Scape Height: 33"
  • Flower Color: Lavender
  • Eyed Daylily: No
  • Flower Form: Unusual Form
  • Fragrance Level: FR
  • Climate: est 4-8


Fabulous! The flower of this lavender cultivar is unusual in that its huge yellow throat, with its green heart, extends the entire length of both petals and sepals. 3-way branching; 18 bud count.

Was seedling dip-09-553-T Ships x NWD. Its pod parent is 'Tall Ships'. Its pollen parent is the Stout Award winning 'North Wind Dancer'.

Roycroft original. Only available at Hemingway Nursery.

'Jenna's Heart' is named in honor of Jenna Edenfield and is unique and beautiful as its namesake. Jenna has a zest for life, a love of music, and an infectious laugh. She is a blessing to all who know her and love her. We hope her daylily will bring you the same joy she brings to those who know and love her.

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