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A Special Lady

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A Special Lady

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  • Hybridizer: Roycroft
  • Bloom Diameter: 6"
  • Foliage: SEV
  • First Blooms: Early mid-season
  • Last Rebloom: Late mid-season
  • Type: Tetraploid
  • Scape Height: 28"
  • Flower Color: Coral
  • Eyed Daylily: No
  • Flower Form: Single
  • Fragrance Level: FR
  • Climate: 6-9

A Special Lady

A beautiful light coral flower with lighter sepals, a heavy gold braid, and a bright radiating yellow throat.

A possible future registration; would be offered at a higher price if registered and this seedling # would be shown on web site so that you could properly name it if it is registered. (Periodically check registrations by years-- 2019 or later-- to find out if it has been named and registered.) seedling tet-12-567

Roycroft original. Only available at Hemingway Nursery.