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  • Hybridizer: Williams, Lucille
  • Bloom Diameter: 7"
  • Foliage: SEV
  • First Blooms: Mid-season
  • Last Rebloom: Late
  • Type: Tetraploid
  • Scape Height: 24"
  • Flower Color: Cream
  • Eyed Daylily: Yes
  • Flower Form: Single
  • Fragrance Level: FR
  • Climate: 3-10


New for 2023! One of our first registrations. Bob Roycroft provided consultation on this hybrid gem (pardon the pun). We owe a lot to Bob, and you can see that he left his mark in this flower.

This is a very light cream to near-white fragrant flower with a bold grape eye, a double edge, and yellow throat. The wide inner edge is also a bold grape; the outer edge is a silver-gold picotee with some teeth and knobs. Up to 4-way branching; 16 buds. This flower holds up well in the sun. Fertile both ways. This is a child of 'Cinderella's Dance.'