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  • Hybridizer: Williams, Lucille
  • Bloom Diameter: ?
  • Foliage: SEV
  • First Blooms: Early
  • Last Rebloom: Late
  • Type: Diploid
  • Scape Height: ?
  • Flower Color: Other
  • Eyed Daylily: No
  • Flower Form: Unusual Form
  • Fragrance Level: FR
  • Climate: 3-9


For those of you who are just starting your garden, we'd like to offer a package that includes a dozen different varieties. This package includes South Seas, Mighty Chestnut, Condilla, Start of Summer, Sherian's Gift, Tetra Siloam Double Classic, Calico Jack, Tuscawilla Tigress, Just for Bobby or Strutter's Ball, Charles Johnston, Gentle Shepherd, and Mary's Gold.

All flowers were individually chosen for the starter package based on their resistance to disease, overall health, tendency to multiply rapidly, and more. Please see the picture collage to get an idea.

For specific variety detail, you'll want to review each flower individually

This is an exceptional value with over a 20% discount to the retail cost, and a flat shipping rate of $12.75 per package.

Feel free to call/email us with any questions.