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  • Hybridizer: Roycroft
  • Bloom Diameter: 5.25"
  • Foliage: SEV
  • First Blooms: Mid-season
  • Last Rebloom: Very late
  • Type: Diploid
  • Scape Height: 22"
  • Flower Color: Cream
  • Eyed Daylily: Yes
  • Flower Form: Single
  • Fragrance Level: FR
  • Climate: 4-8


This extremely heavy bloomer is one of my best diploid introductions ever! This fabulous cultivar has up to 4-way branching; 33 bud count. The beautiful flower is an orange sherbet cream with a bold deep rose eye and a glowing green throat. It is also diamond dusted! Very ruffled; one of our heaviest bloomers ever! Fertile both ways. An excellent parent.

Late and very late reblooms sometimes have extra segments which leads me to believe that it may be a possible parent for double flowered seedlings. For example, see the High-Res image with extra segments; a shot of a rare full double bloom. And, see the Clump shot.

A photo of this cultivar is on the cover of our 2007-08 catalog. An Angel Rodgers kid.

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